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Founded in 2009 in Bamenda, by the Cameroonian born MOUKEKA Philippe Florian , the initiative encountered some challenges that resulted to its shutting down. The founder has nursed this vision since then for over twelve years and finally in 2021 reignited the project.

At Mobile Six we belief that results follows determination and hard work reasons why we believe in our potentials and we believe in bold young Cameroonians and are ready to accompany them harness and express their potential through our wide range of resources which we are proposing to them.

To cover all ten regions of Cameroon and beyond with high speed connection accompanied with satisfactory services.

• At MOBILE SIX S.A, we want to distinguish ourselves as an innovating company in this digital era through varying action plans;
• We want to create a community of consumers (the sixers) through services that are adapted to their existence including education, research and economic development and economic growth;
• For us, managing our customer’s and user’s time and offering them more value is pertinent. We seek to establish, nurture and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all our stakeholders;

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