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Mobile Six

Mobile Six , the only network in Cameroon so far offering to Cameroonians a sim card filled with well loaded eight resources to meet your diverse needs. With Mobile Six as your number one telecom service provider life can only get easier.



Our vision bearer is MOUKEKA Philippe Florian. Having passed through powerful corporate settings like Momentum, and other telecommunications environments in Cameroon and a host of others, is equipped with a rich professional experience combined with a strong group of both national and international partners to enable us guarantee satisfaction to our customers and also make impact in this Unlimited Generation.


Founded in 2009 in Bamenda, by the Cameroonian born MOUKEKA Philippe Florian, the initiative encountered some challenges that resulted to its shutting down. The founder has nursed this vision since then for over twelve years and finally in 2021 reignited the project.

Our Vision

At Mobile Six we belief that results follows determination and hard work reasons why we believe in our potentials and we believe in bold young Cameroonians and are ready to accompany them harness and express their potential through our wide range of resources which we are proposing to them.

Our Goal

To cover all ten regions of Cameroon and beyond with high speed connection accompanied by satisfactory services.